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This is 100% Kona Coffee from my farm. This is sold in 5 pound amounts so the cost is $10 a pound. I wont sell it till it has been 6-8 weeks of drying on the racks to cure and mellow out. Many farms rush this process and it increases the hoppiness or bitterness. You would need to hull it into green bean and then roast it on your own. 

Parchment 10 pound bags

SKU: Parchment
  • This is a great way to buy and store coffee as you can store it in a brezzy dry place for up to 7 years. The longer it ages the better. It keeps best in parchment form, when you green bean it there must be a controlled a/c style climate and you have to observe it more often.

  • This is direct 100% Kona Coffee parchment shipped to you so there wouldnt be a refund option unless i somehow got the weight wrong. Either way I would make it right by you.

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