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This would be ideal for small coffee shops or at home roasters. It is fun to dial in your own roast. These orders are based on 10 pound orders, so the price per pound is $15.00.

Geen Bean 10 pound bag

SKU: greenbean
  • 100% Kona Coffee! This is green bean that has been reduced to 10% humidity in parchment form, then hulled into green bean equalling 13-13.5% humidity for a good roasting condition. Ideally I dry the parchment for at least 6-8 weeks allowing it to settle and cure, then I hull it into green bean where i store it for about 4 weeks to continue curing in a cool dry place.

  • I promise to send you the correct humidity on these green bean orders, I doubt you would be dissatisfied because the ball would be in your court as to roasting.

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